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Interesting links, articles, news and blog posts sent out to members on 12/06/20

News:  Summer catch-up plan for England’s schools pledged – BBC News Online

11 June 2020, Hannah Richardson An extended catch-up plan for England’s schools is to be launched for the summer and beyond, to help pupils get back on track amid school shutdowns:


News:  ‘I’ll keep fighting’ – Marcus Rashford on meals campaign – BBC News Online

11 June 2020.  Manchester United and England forward Marcus Rashford says he “will keep fighting until no child in the UK has to worry about where their next meal is coming from”:


Official Statistics: National child measurement programme (NCMP): trends in child BMI between 2006 to 2007 and 2018 to 2019 – Public Health England

4 June 2020.  A report that provides a review of the changes in children’s body mass index (BMI) over specific time intervals:


News: ‘Fat-shaming teachers won’t cure childhood obesity’ – TES Online

10 June 2020, Kate Martin.  A suggestion in the House of Lords that fat teachers should be ‘shamed’ into losing weight is wrong on so many levels, says Kate Martin:

‘Fat-shaming teachers won’t cure childhood obesity’

Innovation Open Call: Challenges to solve – Sport England

11 June 2020.  Many people are facing significant, disproportionate barriers to being active during the coronavirus outbreak.  This open call is aiming to support innovative solutions that respond to these challenges and support those most affected so they can be active at this time:


Question (Steve McCabe to Gavin Williamson) Citation: HC Deb, 9 June 2020, c187 – They Work For You

9 June 2020.  “Nurseries and early years centres in my constituency tell me they are facing losses of up to £50,000 this term alone. If the Government do not act soon, there will not be many nurseries left to send children to. When does the Secretary of State hope to come forward with a realistic plan to protect essential nurseries and early years provision?”:


Article: NSPCC accuses ministers of ‘turning a blind eye’ to children affected by domestic abuse in lockdown – Politics Home

10 June 2020, John Johnston.  The NSPCC has accused ministers of “turning a blind eye” towards children impacted by domestic abuse amid soaring numbers of reported cases: 


News:  Plans to reopen English primary schools before summer in disarray – Guardian Online

9 June 2020, Richard Adams and Heather Stewart. Government sources acknowledge practicalities too difficult for all children to return:


Inquiry: DCMS Committee: Chair comment on Government Response to Immersive and Addictive Technologies Report – Parliament UK

8 June 2020.  “The government is grateful to the Committee for undertaking this extensive inquiry which considered some important and serious topics in relation to immersive technologies, and particularly online gaming. The Committee’s findings provide valuable insights that will help inform the government’s thinking in this evolving landscape”:

Government Response 

News: Summer Free School Meals Axe ‘Lacks Compassion’, Child Watchdog Warns – Huffington Post

8 June 2020, Paul Waugh.  Children’s Commissioner for England contrasts “small” cost of continuing voucher scheme with £132bn support for the economy:


News:  UK could class loot boxes as gambling to protect children – Guardian Online

7 June 2020, Rob Davies.  Ministers call for evidence on video games such as Fifa that charge money for rewards:


News: What will swimming pools look like when they reopen after Covid lockdown? – The Sun Online

3 June 2020, Terri-Ann Williams.  While swimming in wild and open water is still allowed, experts have now said that a trip to your local pool will be “very different” once indoor facilities can reopen:

What will swimming pools look like when they reopen after Covid lockdown?

News:  Coronavirus: Court action threatened over school meal vouchers – BBC News Online

5 June 2020, Ross Hawkins.  The Department for Education said the scheme will not continue in the summer holidays but campaigners say children in vulnerable families will go hungry.  They have written to the Department of Education threatening to bring a judicial review of the decision:


News:  Record numbers used UK food banks in first month of lockdown – Guardian Online

3 June 2020, Patrick Butler.  Poverty campaigners have called for an emergency cash support scheme to help struggling low-income households after UK food bank charities reported that the first full month of coronavirus lockdown was their “busiest ever”:

‘Busiest ever’ / Record numbers used UK food banks in first month of lockdown

News: Children likely to suffer depression and anxiety after lockdown, study concludes – ITV News Online

1 June 2020.  Children and young people are likely to experience high rates of depression and anxiety long after the lockdown ends, according to a review.  The research draws on more than 60 pre-existing, peer-reviewed studies into topics spanning isolation, loneliness and mental health for young people aged between four and 21:

Children likely to suffer depression and anxiety after lockdown, study concludes

News:  Coronavirus lockdown ‘perfect storm’ for abused children – Sajid Javid – BBC News Online

1 June 2020.  The coronavirus lockdown has created a “perfect storm” for many children isolated with their abusers, ex-home secretary Sajid Javid has said:


News:  Online child abuse rising during lockdown warn police – BBC News Online

29 May 2020, Mike Thomson.  Police forces across the world are warning that criminals and paedophiles are using the coronavirus lockdown to target children.  Data gathered by the BBC reveals demand for abuse imagery has shot up:


Review: The Obesity Epidemic – Nature via Nurture: A Narrative Review of High-Income Countries – NCBI

28 April 2020, Sarah E Jackson, Clare H Llewellyn, Lee Smith.  Over the last three decades, the prevalence of obesity has increased rapidly in populations around the world. Despite a wealth of research, the relative contributions of the different mechanisms underlying this global epidemic are not fully understood:

The obesity epidemic – Nature via nurture: A narrative review of high-income countries. 

Online Event:  Perspectives on children navigating a digital world – British Academy

25 June 2020.  An online event bringing together different perspectives to consider the complex relationship between children and the digital world:


News:  Food company promises related to healthy eating are rarely met – Open Access Government

27 May 2020, Barry M Popkin.  , The Global Food Research Program, shares the global experience with food industry self-regulation and reflects on how healthy eating promises are rarely met:

Food company promises related to healthy eating are rarely met

News:  Coronavirus: Parents of disabled children ‘cut off and ignored’ – BBC News Online

27 May 2020, Sean Coughlan.  The coronavirus lockdown has placed additional pressure on many families. But what happens if you lose your work, your support network, and have a disabled child to care for?:


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