23/11/21 – The impact of falling levels of children’s physical activity

Speakers: Dr Victoria Randall; Mike Dodd; Karen Cooke

23 November 2021

All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

‘The impact of falling levels of children’s physical activity’

Chair: Steve McCabe MP


  • Dr Victoria Randall, The Co-Chair of the Children Alliance Working Group on Physical Health
  • Mike Dodd, Children’s Activities Association
  • Karen Cooke, UCEN Manchester

As this was a Zoom meeting we are able to share a recording instead of the usual meeting notes.

Please email to access the recording. The chatstream is here.

Order and Timings:

00:00 Steve McCabe MP – Chair’s introduction

03:36 Dr Victoria Randall

12:14 Mike Dodd

21:48 Karen Cooke (see below for Powerpoint slides)

30:13 Questions and Discussion

You should also be able to read and follow the chat flow which has further questions and responses.

Links from the chat

From Karen Cooke, UCEN Manchester

Powerpoint presentation showing the impact of falling levels of physical activity.

From Jackie Musgrave, Early Childhood at the Open University

A link to a free Public Health England, ActiveMatters and Open University course:


APPG Report on Mental Health and Movement:


From Neil Coleman, OPAL

An example of what OPAL does https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UCex3K_0j4

For those who want to read the research: