14/09/21 – The Future of Safeguarding

Speakers: Ros McNeil, NEU; Nicola Butler, Children’s Play Policy Forum; Dr Amanda Smith, Poole Grammar School for Boys; Rachel Huggins, Internet Matters

14 September 2021

All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

“The Future of Safeguarding”

Chair: Steve McCabe MP


  • Rachel Huggins, Internet Matters, with Dr Diane Levine, University of Leicester
  • Nicola Butler, Children’s Play Policy Forum
  • Dr Amanda Smith, Poole Grammar School for Boys
  • Ros McNeil, National Education Union

As this was a Zoom meeting we are able to share a recording instead of the usual meeting notes.

You can access the recording here and the chatstream here.

Order and Timings:

00:00 Steve McCabe MP – Chair’s introduction

02:46 Rachel Huggins

14:41 Nicola Butler

19:20 Dr Amanda Smith

26:17 Ros McNeil

31:44 Questions and Discussion

You should also be able to read and follow the chat flow which has further questions and responses.

Links from the chat

From Mike Hawkins: NSPCC Training Resources for the Voluntary Sector

Internet Matters’ report “Wellbeing in a Digital World” can be downloaded here.

From Diane Levine:

https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyt.2019.00759/full: What works and what doesn’t work? A systematic review of digital mental health interventions for depression and anxiety in young people

There’s a helpful diagram in this paper (looks like an onion – page 422) that might help to focus interventions – it accounts for biological/physiological, psychosocial, community/cultural, natural and physical environment, family, and the individual etc.