19/08/21 – Coronation Street’s depiction of Play Therapy

Monika Jephcott, CEO of Play Therapy UK and an external member of the APPG, made this statement this morning:

It has come to our attention that Coronation Street aired a programme on 16/08/21 at 19.30pm made a comment – “ She has had play therapy. Touchy feely rubbish, new age!” –  discounting the effectiveness of play therapy and  thereby bringing the profession into disrepute.  We strongly urge all PTUK/PTI members to complain to Ofcom,  and ITV  stating you require a public apology for the statement made before the next screening of Coronation Street.


Play Therapy UK / Play Therapy International have become aware that on the  16th of  August at 19.30 on  ITV during  a Coronation Street episode,  Play Therapy was described as ‘ touchy feely, new age rubbish”. This comment brings the Play Therapy profession into disrepute and is totally disrespectful of the successful therapeutic work undertaken by Play Therapists and the children who have successfully accessed Play Therapy to give them a better future. 

Play Therapy UK and Play Therapy International has research from over 60,000 pre- and post assessments, completed by the referrers evidencing that Play Therapy is a highly effective mental health intervention for between 73% to 84% of the Children and Young people, all over the world.  As an outcome, children are able to reach their full potential in the future. 

Play Therapists undertake rigorous training at Postgraduate level to qualify as a Certified Play Therapist. Play Therapists work to incredibly high standards to be on the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) approved accredited register. These Play Therapy Standards are audited on a yearly basis by the PSA .

Play Therapy UK sponsors the Child Mental Health Charter, which is urging that children come first in the Government’s reform of the 1983 Mental Health Act next year.

Although the ITV Coronation Street broadcast was a fictional representation of Play Therapy as research has shown, this statement was inaccurate.

Play Therapy UK / Play Therapy International require an official apology prior to ITV’S next broadcasted episode of Coronation Street, identifying the inaccuracy of their statement and recognising that Play Therapy is a Profession in its own right and has the research to underpin the effectiveness of the modality. 

Monika Jephcott, Chief Executive is in the process of taking this matter further.