07/07/21 – BAME children and young people – solutions to pre- and post-pandemic issues

Speakers: Nathalie Richards of Edukit, Mehran Mokri of Youth Leads UK, and Dr Shrehan Lynch of the University of East London

7 July 2021

All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

‘BAME children and young people – solutions to pre- and post-pandemic issues

Chair: Steve McCabe MP


  • Nathalie Richards, CEO, Edukit
  • Mehran Mokri, Head of Programmes, Youth Leads UK
  • Dr Shrehan Lynch, Subject Leader in Physical Education, University of East London

As this was a Zoom meeting we are able to share a recording instead of the usual meeting notes.

You can access the recording via an email request here and download the chatstream here.

Order and Timings:

00:00 Steve McCabe MP – Chair’s introduction

03:37 Mehran Mokri

12:20 Dr Shrehan Lynch

20:31 Nathalie Richards

25:03 Questions and Discussion

You should also be able to read and follow the chat flow which has further questions and responses.

Links from the Chat

Youth Leads UK’s Report “Covid Conversations”: https://youthleads.uk/2021/04/19/covidconvo/

Shrehan: slynch@uel.ac.uk / @DrLynchEdu

Mehran: mehran@youthleads.uk

Nathalie: www.edukit.org.uk

Emily at Sporting Equals: ecarter@sportingequals.org.uk

Alison, Centre for Personalised Education: alison.sauer@thecentreforpersonalisededucation.uk

Sporting Equals terminology resources: http://sportingequals.org.uk/news-and-blogs/sporting-equals-terminology-resource.html

Lyfta – Site to nurture resilience, empathy and global citizenship – www.lyfta.com

BAMEPE Website: https://bamepe.wordpress.com/

Nature Premium: www.naturepremium.org