21/06/21 – Domestic Abuse – How to Help Children and Young People

The Violence, Abuse and Mental Health Network is an interdisciplinary research network that aims to understand, prevent, and reduce the impact of domestic and sexual violence and abuse on mental health by bringing together experts with different ways of thinking about violence, abuse, and mental health.

A recent report by the network highlights the magnified risks of child abuse from COVID-19 and the likely significant post-pandemic consequences from increased exposure to abuse. The report identifies key considerations and actions to support children and young people at-risk, both during the pandemic and beyond.

Alongside the report is an infographic aimed at children and young people who are a) at risk of or experiencing abuse or b) know someone who might be experiencing abuse.

To read the Safe, Seen, Supported report click here.

To view the Safe, Seen, Supported infographic click here or to download the shareable Instagram version click here.