23/02/21 – The Early Years: The Damage Done and How to Address It

Speakers: Briony Richter, Editor of Nursery Management Today; Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou and Dr Will Baker, both of the University of Bristol School of Education; Jodie Reed, Director, Isos Partnership; and Sally Hogg of the 1001 Days Movement and Head of Policy and Campaigning for the Parent-Infant Foundation

23 February 2021

All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

‘The Early Years: The Damage Done and How to Address It’

Chair: Steve McCabe MP


  • Briony Richter, Nursery Management Today
  • Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou and Dr Will Baker, both of the University of Bristol School of Education
  • Sally Hogg of the Parent-Infant Foundation and Jodie Reed, Director, Isos Partnership

As this was a Zoom meeting we are able to share a recording instead of the usual meeting notes.

You can request access to the recording by email and the chat transcript is here. Links referenced in the chat appear further down this page.

Order and Timings:

00:00 Steve McCabe MP – Chair’s introduction

03:12 Briony Richter (download a PDF of the Powerpoint slides)

14:30 Dr Will Baker (download a PDF of the Powerpoint slides)

24:38 Dr Ioanna Bakopoulou (download a PDF of the Powerpoint slides)

33:30 Sally Hogg

36:36 Jodie Reed (download a PDF of the Powepoint slides)

48:00 Questions and Discussion

You should also be able to read and follow the chat flow (see link above) which has further questions and responses.

The following links were posted in the chat and are summarised here:

From Jackie Musgrave, Open University

here is a link to a free 24 hour course ‘supporting children’s (0-8) mental health and wellbeing’ produced by the Open University :


From Emily Ingle from the DWP Reducing Parental Conflict Programme:

Perspective from mothers who have had babies in lockdown


From Paula Lochrie – Oxfordshire County Council School Readiness

The transitions need to be magnified during COVID-19  and parents have needed more support to understand this importance. OCC have developed useful resources during COVID-19


From Ruth Kipping, University of Bristol

The University of Bristol, funded by the National Institute of Health Research, completed interviews last summer with parents of pre-school children who were due to start school last September. We focused on public health perspectives of physical activity, eating/food, sleep, emotional well-being and transition to starting school and found some similar findings to those reported by Ioanna and Will. We would be happy to present the research to this group in a future meeting.

Impact of COVID-19 restrictions on pre-school children’s eating, activity and sleep behaviours: a qualitative study | medRxiv. This is pre-print as the paper is under peer review. A second paper will be available as a pre-print focusing on the well-being and transition shortly.


From Sally Hogg of the Parent-Infant Foundation:

The full report “Working for Babies” can be downloaded here.


From Eunice Lumsden (University of Northampton) and Patrick Myers (DWE Reducing Parental Conflict Programme)

The Heckman Equation:


From Helen West, APPG Secretariat (in response to an enquiry)

The Intergenerational Foundation produced a report called “Costing Young Minds: The fiscal consequences of a lack of spending on young adult mental health”

From Helen West, APPG Secretariat (in response to discussion about the need for a senior Cabinet Minister for Children)

Please check out the petition for a cabinet minister for children if you support it – more information here and the change.org petition is here.