The Child Mental Health Charter Campaign has received a response (link below) from the Welsh Government to an enquiry about any plans that they might have for the mental health needs of children as a direct result of Covid-19. The original enquiry was dated 21st July 2020 and Richard Morgan (on behalf of Vaughan Gething; the Welsh Government Minister for Heath and Social Services) apologises for the delayed reply. 

However, this is  completely understandable  in view of the  care that has been taken with the answer. The Welsh Government is to be commended for the extremely serious way in which it has responded to the urgent needs of children at this unique and terrible time. Unlike a dilatory  UK Government that has been content to fob all enquirers off with repeated references to pre-existing online toolkits and initiatives in the field of mental health even pre-dating  the  2017 Green Paper,  the Welsh Government (in addition to  providing new money and tailored services)  has taken the trouble to update, re-target and align existing strategies so that as far as possible, no child will miss out. 

This is a Government that is prepared to listen, learn and adapt policy with the mental health needs of children as a top priority. It frankly, shames our UK Government and just shows that ‘where there’s a will there’s always a way’.  

Helen Clark, Campaign Manager: The Child Mental Health Charter Campaign – 05/01/21

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