11/09/20 – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families writes to all MPs in England

Comprehensive description of Govt. support for vulnerable children and families set out in a letter from Minister Vicky Ford MP.

To all MPs in England

Dear Colleague,

Vulnerable Children and Families

From the engagement I have had with many of you in recent months, I know and
appreciate the great importance you place on support for vulnerable children and
their families, particularly during this difficult time.

I wanted to update you on some key steps the Government has taken over the
summer period and point to some vital services which I hope may be of continued
support to you and your constituents in the coming months.

Those steps are wide ranging, covering early years provision; catch-up support for
reception-age children; supporting attendance at school for vulnerable children
and support for children with special educational needs and disabilities; summer
activities, breakfast provision and free school meals; additional support around
mental health and wellbeing; and, at the more targeted end, what we have done to
support alternative provision, internships for care leavers and local children’s
social care services. Together this represents a comprehensive package of
support and I have set out the detail in the annex to this letter.

As ever, I am particularly grateful for your continued challenge and support in the
protection of vulnerable children and their families. While we believe return to
school is a vital step for supporting vulnerable children. Government, local
authority, and community partners need to continue working to ensure that these
children are supported and protected. Please help us by engaging with your local
council leadership and children’s services on the support they are offering to
vulnerable families and by promoting access to education, care and wider services
in your constituency. This group will remain an absolute priority and we will
continue to closely monitor the impact of programmes and support on vulnerable
children and families over coming months.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns. Your support in this
work is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Vicky Ford MP
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families

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