Impact of summer camp cancellation on children’s mental health

The latest threat to children’s mental health and wellbeing is the mass cancellation of summer camps according to worried parents who had previously relied on the facility during the traditional summer holiday period .

Parents who spoke out include a scientist currently working on solutions to the virus who said:

‘I will be continuing the impossible task of managing the emotional and developmental needs of my son while working 50-hour weeks on the development of medical devices to help with Covid…I feel very let down by the government failing to provide an outlet for isolated and increasingly distressed children.’

Parents and summer camp organisers have pointed to the anomaly of pubs and restaurants returning to service while holiday camps and clubs remain shut with some parents resorting to sending their children abroad to take advantage of residential holiday camp opportunities.

Helen Clark; Campaign Manager for the Child Mental Health Charter Campaign added:

This is just the latest stressful situation for parents who can see their children’s mental health and wellbeing deteriorating day by day with as yet, nothing like a recovery strategy announced by the Government.

A generation of children has in effect been simply remaindered by their own Government.

Children may not be first in line for catching Covid-19 – but they are fast becoming the biggest casualty of this pandemic.’   

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