14/07/20 – Useful Links

Interesting links, articles, news and blog posts sent out to members on 14/07/20

News:  Cases of child malnutrition in England double in last six months – Guardian Online

12 July 2020, Mark Townsend.  Almost 2,500 children admitted to hospitals in England suffering malnutrition in 2020:


Article:  Children’s commissioner: Thousands of young people falling through gaps in education and care – Willis Palmer

July 2020.  Anne Longfield has warned that one in 25 teenagers were already slipping out of sight prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. A report sets out the risks affecting tens of thousands of young people including persistent absence from school, exclusions, alternative provision, dropping out of the school system in Year 11, or going missing from care:

News: Teachers have no magic wand to wave away anxiety – TES Online

10 July 2020, James Bowen.  Teachers are limited in how they can mitigate pupil anxiety, but there are some small things they can do to support pupils:

Teachers have no magic wand to wave away anxiety

News:  Johnson to ban supermarket promotions of unhealthy food – The Times – Reuters

10 July 2020.  Shops will be prevented from offering buy one, get one free deals on targeted products, the report said.  A ban is also expected on sweets and chocolates promoted at the end of supermarket aisles and entrances, the report said, adding that No 10 was also considering reviving plans for compulsory calorie counts on restaurant and takeaway menus:


News:  Coronavirus: Home-schooling has been hell, say parents – BBC News Online

8 July 2020, Katherine Sellgren.  Having to home-school during the Covid-19 pandemic is taking a toll on both parents and children, campaigners warn.  The group, Sept for Schools, says it has heard from parents reduced to tears as they balance work with educating:


Study: What’s on the Menu? Policies to Reduce Young People’s Sugar Consumption – National Library of Medicine

21 May 2020, Rachel Griffith, Martin O’Connell, Kate Smith & Rebekah Stroud.  The merits of popular policies, including taxes, advertising restrictions and restrictions on the availability of specific foods are discussed, and promising avenues for future research are identified:


News:  Which? calls for urgent action as vulnerable people still struggle to get food – Which.co.uk

2 July 2020, Hannah Walsh.  In early May, Which called for urgent government action to help vulnerable households access food. Yet when they surveyed people between 29 May and 17 June about their experiences over the previous seven days, they found that a shocking proportion of situationally and clinically vulnerable people continue to struggle with accessing groceries:

Government’s food poverty inaction costing poor children’s lives, says report – ITV News Online

6 July 2020.  The Government’s inaction on food poverty is condemning many children to a life of ill health and costing the NHS billions, a committee report has found:


News: Time to fix the failures in food, says Lords Committee – UK Parliament, Food, Poverty, Health and Environment Committee

6 July 2020.  The UK’s food system is failing, putting the health of the population, and of the planet, at risk. The report of the Committee on Food, Poverty, Health and the Environment, published today, calls upon the Government to end years of inaction and ensure that a healthy, sustainable diet is accessible for everyone:


Article:  Children should be at heart of recovery process from Coronavirus – Willis Palmer

July 2020.  A statement from the 150 organisations, which was coordinated by Action for Children, Barnardo’s, National Children’s Bureau, NSPCC and The Children’s Society, says that this generation of children face unprecedented threats to their childhoods and life chances and deserve an unprecedented response:

Article:  Lockdown pressures lead to children’s services referral rates increasing – Willis Palmer

July 2020.  Financial worries, social isolation, being cooped up 24/7, substance misuse, mental ill health and frayed tensions resulting in domestic abuse – why referrals to children’s services are already on the rise before all children return to school:

Comment:  If Boris Johnson is really interested in ‘levelling up’, he should start with nurseries – Guardian Online

3 July 2002, Polly Toynbee.  Investment in jobs in education, rather than roads, would mean improving people’s life chances for decades to come:


News:  Coronavirus:  Kate Silverton on her fear for children’s mental health – BBC News Online

2 July 2020.  Home schooling is causing stress in millions of homes across the UK. BBC newsreader Kate Silverton, who is also a trainee child psychotherapist and a mother-of-two, has like most parents found lockdown a very challenging time:


Government Consultation response: Early Years Foundation Stage Reforms – Department for Education

July 2020.  At the time of publication of this consultation response, the EYFS learning and development and the EYFS profile requirements have been disapplied for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak. All references to the EYFS refer to the requirements in force up to 23 April 2020 and the subsequent re-instatement of the full EYFS following removal of the disapplication regulations:


News:  New campaign presses for summer holiday food provision to be permanent – Nursery Management Today

July 2020.  The Children First Alliance welcomed the news but want to see this go much further. The Alliance is now calling for a permanent arrangement so that no child goes hungry when schools are closed. Using the hashtag #schoolmeals365, a letter writing campaign is underway:

Article: Boris Johnson says he’s ditched ‘libertarian’ position on obesity after coronavirus battle – Politics Home

29 June 2020, Matt Honeycombe-Foster.  Boris Johnson has admitted that he has ditched his “libertarian” position on whether or not the state should help people tackle obesity after his own brush with coronavirus:

Boris Johnson says he’s ditched ‘libertarian’ position on obesity after coronavirus battle

News:  Physical play with dads could help children control their emotions, new research finds – Yahoo News

30 June 2020, Marie Claire Dorking.  Children whose dads spend time playing with them at an early age could find it easier to control their behaviour and emotions when they get older, new research has revealed:

Physical play with dads could help children control their emotions, new research finds

News:  Coronavirus: Stop childhood being disrupted – charities – BBC News Online

30 June 2020, Katherine Sellgren.  Children are “in an eerie world, full of uncertainty”, say 146 organisations.  In a letter to the prime minister, they urge government to put children’s needs on a par with health and the economy to stop their life chances being derailed:


News:  Online Harms bill: Warning over ‘unacceptable’ delay – BBC News Online

29 June 2020.  The Chair of the Lords Democracy and Digital Committee has said the government’s landmark online protection bill could be delayed for years.  Lord Puttnam said the Online Harms Bill may not come into effect until 2023 or 2024, after a government minister said she could not commit to bringing it to parliament next year:


News:  Free school meals scheme ‘hard to use’, say parents and heads – Guardian Online

28 June 2020, Mattha Busby.  Some schools say they have had to give cash to families due to problems with vouchers:


News: Decade of school building starts with £1bn from 2020-21 – TES Online

28 June 2020, Catherine Lough.  Heads welcome new money but say seven times as much will be needed to bring all schools up to a ‘satisfactory’ condition:

Decade of school rebuilding starts with £1bn for 20/21

News:  Penalty fines for missing school next term – BBC News Online

29 June 2020, Sean Coughlan.  Parents in England who do not send their children back to school in September will face fines, says the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson:


News:  Labour party: Kate Green appointed as shadow education secretary – BBC News Online

27 June 2020.  Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has appointed Kate Green as his new shadow education secretary.  Sir Keir said he was “delighted” to appoint Ms Green, who has campaigned against educational inequalities:


Policy paper: Prime Minister’s virtual summit on Hidden Harms – Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street

26 June 2020.  The Prime Minister led a virtual summit on Hidden Harms:

Prime Minister’s virtual summit on Hidden Harms

Article:  Babies born into care doubles in a decade – Willis Palmer

June 2020.  The number of babies born into care in England has almost doubled in a decade, according to research published in the Children and Youth Services Review:

Article:  Impact of coronavirus on children living in poverty – Willis Palmer

June 2020.  The Childhood Trust has said it is “extremely concerned” about the way the lockdown measures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic are disproportionately affecting disadvantaged children and young people in London:

Open consultation:  Changes to the School Admissions Code – Department for Education

26 June 2020.  Views sought on a revised version of the School Admissions Code to support vulnerable children:

Changes to the School Admissions Code