12/06/20 – An Open Call from Sport England for Innovative Ideas

Sport England’s research shows major inequalities within society, with too many of us not able to access activity in the same way and missing out on the health benefits. These inequalities aren’t new, but they are being exacerbated by the pandemic which is why Sport England wants to act now to ensure they don’t get worse.   

Sport England has launched an open call to find existing or adaptable innovative solutions that solve specific COVID-related challenges that are impacting the audiences they care most about and are least well served currently. More information about this open call can be found here. Sport England has appealed to everyone connected with APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood, saying:

We believe that innovation can play a key role in helping people overcome these challenges so they can lead more active lives, and in turn help tackle the inequalities that exist within society. That’s why we’re starting with three challenge statements that I think your network might be uniquely able to support:

Changes in circumstances: When faced with change due to new financial pressures or increased caring responsibilities, we may no longer feel able to invest time and/or money, or may lack the headspace needed to think about, plan, or invest the effort it takes to be active.

Mental health : Certain groups of people are more likely to be experiencing new or worsening feelings of depression, stress, loneliness or anxiety, reducing likelihood to be physically active.

Digital exclusion:  Faced with a continued period of enforced social distancing or isolation, people who are unable to or who do not have access to digital channels, may not have the opportunity to be physically active. 

Sport England, June 2020

If you have a suggestion, please submit it here. The deadline for initial submissions is 24th June.

If you don’t have a suggestion yourself, you might know someone who has a whole new product, a new way of delivering an existing product or a tiny change that has a big effect. Sport England is particularly interested in supporting organisations that are new to them, that may never have heard of Sport England before, and may be in other industries, because they know there is a wealth of talent and expertise that they can support and fund.  

Please could you all share this open call with the social innovators you know who may be interested by:

  • Forwarding this post to great social innovators you know
  • Use the draft social media posts below to spread the innovation call
  • Creating your own news story, views or comment in response to the challenges 
  • Retweeting this tweet , our linkedin post or Sport England’s facebook videos encouraging local networks and organisations to do the same  

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