04/06/20 – When Can Children Play Out Again? The API Writes to the PM

As we learn the lessons from COVID-19,  I hope that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will kick-start his new-found zeal to trim the waists of the nation by backing this eminently sensible call from the Association of Play Industries (API). 

In the  APPG on A Fit and Healthy Childhood,  we know that it’s no good starting  to think about obesity  alongside  the first signs of  ‘middle-aged spread’! The fight begins at the start of a child’s life which is why children’s play is so very important.

In all our published material we have called for a National Strategy for Play and for the for the Government to make play a key component of the national curriculum. Our report on Play can be accessed here.

COVID-19 has devastated lives and torn apart families in all communities. Afterwards the task of re-making the world in a better way  will fall to our children. Set them free today! I call upon  Boris Johnson to  answer the API by ‘letting the children play!’

Helen Clark, Lead Author of the APPG

Mr Johnson has declared a ‘much more interventionist’ approach to obesity in the fight against Coronavirus and yet they have remained silent on playgrounds which have an essential role in tackling the obesity crisis.

Children’s outdoor play is essential for their normal development. Children have been in lockdown for months, many with limited or no outside space. It is astonishing that the UK Government has made no mention of re-opening public playgrounds, despite their emphasis on opening up other arguably less important outdoor activities.”

Mark Hardy, Chair of the Association of Play Industries

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