14/05/20 – When can our children go out to play? Ask the Government to set the date!

Today, APPG member organisation the Association of Play Industries (API) issued a statement following our response yesterday to their original press release and we are delighted to provide the link below.

In the statement, the API urges its members to submit the following question on the government’s website for inclusion in the daily government press conference:

‘Children’s needs are being overlooked and they are facing a mental and physical health catastrophe unless they are allowed out to play. When will the government set out when and how children can play in public playgrounds again?’

APPG Lead author Helen Clark said:

This is a brilliant and essential question and it must echo what every parent in the land is thinking right now.

I hope that all our readers and member organisations will support the API and submit this question as well. In fact we need as many people as possible to put it in – and keep on doing so each and every day until it comes up – so make sure to tell a friend, colleague and family member to submit the question as well, using this link to the government website.

They should also send the question to their own MP and ask them to raise it in the House of Commons.

At the same time, we repeat our demand for the Government to set out a roadmap for children’s return to outdoor play as of urgency, followed by a Ministerial Statement in the House. At this rate, children are not only ‘the hidden victims’ of this pandemic – they are also the hidden prisoners.

Surely the adults of tomorrow, who will be responsible for restoring order out of this devastation, deserve BETTER THAN THIS?!

We say: Let the children play!

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